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How to watch the John Reid Memorial Tournament on HockeyTV

Games from the John Reid Memorial Tournament will be streaming live, and on-demand, exclusively on HockeyTV with an all-access pass. With HockeyTV, friends, family, and fans who are unable to come to the event, can watch any game, anytime, anywhere.

Any Game – HockeyTV is the exclusive streaming partner of the John Reid Memorial Tournament. Games will be available to watch on HockeyTV with an All-Access Pass.

Anytime – With HockeyTV, you can watch all games from the John Reid Memorial Tournament on-demand, enabling friends, family, and fans to watch games on their own schedule, or play them back at any time.

Anywhere – HockeyTV gives fans the flexibility to watch the John Reid Memorial Tournament how they want! HockeyTV can be watched on many devices including web browsers, tablets, mobile phones, AppleTV, Amazon Fire, Android TV, and Roku.

Subscribing to HockeyTV

  1. Visit and create an account
  2. Navigate to Subscriptions on the navigation menu or visit to add a subscription package to your account
  3. Select a monthly or annual All-Access pass and continue with the subscription checkout process
  4. Enjoy access to all of our games live, and on-demand