Tournament Format

The tournament will guarantee each team a minimum of 5 games.

Each game will consist of three 20 minute stop time periods with a full ice clean after each period. However, where time dictates, the referee and tournament committee may eliminate the ice cleaning. Play will then recommence after a two-minute rest period.

Warm-ups will be 5 minutes in duration with pucks being supplied by the tournament.

The tournament format will consist of 16 teams split into two pools, the Reid Pool and the Iginla Pool. These pools each contain 2 divisions of 4 teams. Each team will play 3 games within their division in a qualifying round. The top two teams from each of the 4 divisions advances to the “A” championship playoffs. The third place team from each of the 4 divisions advances to the “B” consolation playoffs. The fourth place team from each of the 4 divisions advances to the “C” consolation playoffs.

During round-robin play, games tied in regulation will follow the overtime format. Wins in regulation are worth 3 points. Losses in regulation are worth 0 points. Wins in Overtime are worth 2 points. Losses in Overtime are worth 1 point.


In the event teams are tied for a playoff spot, the following procedure will apply in this descending order:

  1. If the two teams are tied in points the winner of the game between the two teams will advance.
  2. If two or more than two teams are tied in points the team with the most wins will advance.
  3. If two or more than two teams are tied in points the team with the most regulation wins will advance.
  4. If the teams are still tied after (A), (B) and (C) have been applied, the team with the best goal average in the qualifying round (all qualifying round games counting) will advance. The goal average will be determined by dividing the total number of goals for and against into the total goals for, with the team having the highest percentage advancing. (GF/GF+GA). Maximum 6 goal differential for each game will be observed. (see Mercy Rule B). Shoot-out goals do not count in total.
  5. If the teams are still tied after (A), (B), (C) and (D) the team which received the least amount of penalty minutes in qualifying round play will advance.
  6. If the teams are still tied after (A), (B), (C), (D), and (E) then a coin toss will determine the team to


If a playoff game ends in a tie during regulation time the following Overtime format will take Place:

Teams will not change ends and after a 2 minute break teams will play a 5 minute (3-on-3) stopped time overtime period. The game shall be concluded on a sudden death victory goal.

If no goal is scored during the 5 minute overtime the game shall be decided via an NHL style shootout. Each team shall select 3 different players to participate in the initial stage of the shootout. The team scoring the most goals after the first 3 shooters of each team have gone will be declared the winner. If the teams are tied after the first three shooters have gone then each team will send individual shooters one at a time until one team scores and the other team doesn’t allow a goal. No player may shoot twice until everyone who is eligible has shot.

Shootout Eligibility: Only active players on the roster can participate in the shootout, injured players whether previously listed on the roster or for injuries occurring during that game are exempt. Players serving suspensions, or serving penalty time for major penalties, misconducts or game misconducts are ineligible to participate in the shootout. Players serving minor penalties at the end of overtime are eligible to participate in the shootout.

Overtime periods are considered as part of the whole game. Penalties will carry over into overtime periods. If a team declines to play in the necessary overtime periods that game shall be declared a loss for that team.

***Where time constraints dictate the referee and the tournament committee may eliminate the 5 minute overtime period and proceed straight to the shootout at the end of regulation time.


In the event of a tie in the Championship game at the end of regulation time, the teams will not change ends and after a 2-minute break, will play a 5 minute sudden-death overtime period of 4-on-4 hockey. If the game is still tied after the first OT, a 5-minute, sudden-death 3-on- 3 overtime period will occur. All play will be “stopped time”. If the game is still tied after both 5-minute overtime periods, the above shootout format will determine the tournament champion.


  1. The tournament will be played under C.H.A. rules.
  2. All Players must wear CSA or U.S. equivalent approved helmets, with face masks securely attached and chinstraps properly fastened under the chin.
  3. All teams must wear all approved equipment that is required by their own provincial / state governing hockey body.
  4. Each team must provide the tournament committee with a team roster prior to the start of the tournament. C.H.A. or U.S. equivalent registration cards for all roster players must be available for review by the Tournament Committee at any time. The team roster may include affiliated players (with registration cards). The roster is frozen once the tournament starts.
  5. A referee and linesmen will be appointed to officiate each game by the referee-in-chief.
  6. Off ice officials (timekeepers, scorekeepers and announcers) shall be the responsibility of the Tournament Committee
  7. Disciplinary rulings shall apply for the duration of the tournament. A written report of any disciplinary ruling by the Tournament Committee will be sent to the appropriate governing body as required.
  8. Coaches and Managers are responsible to ensure that any suspensions are appropriately served by their team members. At a minimum, Hockey Alberta minimum suspension guidelines will be followed.
  9. Coaches and Managers are responsible for the behavior of their team and supporters.
  10. The Tournament Committee reserves the right to alter game times and locations as circumstances warrant. Team managers will be advised of changes. Teams must be ready to play at appointed times.


  1. If, after the second period of play, during any game in the tournament, a six goal differential occurs, the clock will be set to running time following the subsequent face-off. Should the differential become less than six goals the clock will revert to stop time when the goal is scored. The penalties during running time will be the same length as in stop time.
  2. For the purpose of the plus-minus calculation, a maximum of a six goal differential will be used. If the final score in any qualifying round game has a goal differential of greater than six, the goals for will be reduced to a differential of six.


  • One 30 second time out will be allowed for each team during a tournament game.
  • Time outs cannot be used when the Mercy Rule is in effect.


  • Any protest must be made verbally to the Tournament Office within 15 minutes after the game in question has ended.
  • A written account of the protest along with a $100.00 cash protest fee must be submitted to the Tournament Office within one hour after the game has ended.
  • The Tournament Committee will act on the written account as soon as they believe all the facts are available. All rulings made by the Tournament Committee WILL BE FINAL.
  • If a protest is rejected, the entire protest fee will be forfeited.
  • No protests will be allowed on judgment calls made by on-ice officials.


If the game remains tied at the end for the five (5) minute overtime period (or 10 minute overtime period
in the Championship game), the teams will proceed in a shootout. The rules governing the shootout shall be the same as those for a penalty shot.

The Teams will not change ends for the shootout. The visiting team will shoot first. The teams shall alternate shots. Teams shall remain on their respective benches except for the goalies and players currently taking the shot.

Three (3) players from each team shall participate in the shootout and they shall proceed in such order as the Coach selects. All players are eligible to participate in the shootout unless they are serving a major penalty, and ten minute misconduct or have been assessed a game misconduct, gross misconduct, or match penalty or are suspended.

Once the shootout begins, the goalkeeper cannot be replaced unless he is injured. No warm up shall be permitted for a substitute goalkeeper. Each team will be given three shots, unless the outcome is determined earlier in the shootout. After each team has taken three shots, if the score remains tied, the shootout will proceed to a “sudden death” format. No player may shoot twice until everyone who is eligible has shot.